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Bulk SQL updating

updating column with many records

This app allows you to update a column with many records saved on a file like csv. I did this because I was tired at doing it one by one (time consuming) and prone to errors so this is the solution.

In the first tab you need to put in your database connection settings (username password and server name) and the database name that contains the table you want to edit.

The next tab you have to fill in some input, first being the table name that you want to fill. The column that you want to query agains and the column that you want to fill.

I have given you the option to select the type in which you have split your data eg.

for csv (comma seperated) file you have:

as you can see each record in the text file contains two columns, the first is the column that you want to query agains (needs to be unique or not). The second is the column that you want to fill it with. So in my database "Likeable" table I have two columns:

I could add another column called "email" and use the app to populat it:

so the table would look like this:

Login page below:
(Dont save settings checkbox if checked doesnt save any user input if you close the app otherwise it saves everything appart from the logging and password for security reasons)

after that, goto the next tab and fill it in:

(image above also contains a lable that you can click for aditional debugging just incase its any use to anyone if the app breaks you know how far it got to)

from the drop down I select '|' as the dividing point for my textfile and click the "run SQL command", now select the file that contains the records with the first column (condition) and second column (set), in my case:

programme will run and display the result in a textbox for you.

the result:

From above you can see it doesnt matter about the order as its looking for the correct row for you :)

This is fast and effective, it reduces human error to a minimum and saves alot of time!

Just to warn you! the file that contains the records needs to only have the records like this, as you can see in the image below it shows no blank lines:


below has been sorted out to reduce errors, made a function to remove the spaces if there are any!

you cannot have an empty line above or below the recods like the image shows below. Start and finish of the text doc needs to be only records without any empty lines, the errors are marked in red for line 1,5 and 7:

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